• Decision supported by relevant data

    Support decision-making
    on the further direction of business with data which you will understand!

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    • Business Intelligence consulting


      Relevant information = assets

      #New data perspective

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  • Business Intelligence solutions for companies which want to innovate!

    Strategic expertise and data-based analysis to make informed decisions. We also create custom software solutions exactly for your needs and goals.



Decision supported by relevant data

  • Data-driven

With the help of the tools and models we use, we can analyze your business down to the smallest detail and together with you determine and implement a strategy based on facts and thus achieve the set goals.

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    • Marketing performance

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    • Strategic and financial planning

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    • Cost optimization

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    • Improving customer relationships

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    • Performance monitoring

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    • Effective pricing strategy

  • Agile Business Intelligence
  • Complex Business Planning
  • Process optimization
  • Custom solutions
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    • Up to this amount of % can business be more efficient, if relevant data is involved.

      #source: Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study


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    • Measuring and monitoring business performance


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  • More than 100% increase in returning potential customers

  • 100 %

  • With us, you have a variety of data under control

    Based on the uniqueness of your business, we will select data sources that have provided relevant analytical information on the basis of which it will keep your business moving!

    Good data is the key to success.

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  • More than 75% of small and medium-sized businesses using business principles intelligently claim that they have achieved success thanks to them.

    #source: Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

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With data-drive strategy is everything possible

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Marketing performance
  • Biznis performance
  • Custom solutions
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  • We create platforms exactly for targeted group with emphasis to its specific preferences. We constantly monitor performance of marketing platform, analyze risks, evaluate oportunities so that we can increase its successfulity.

  • We bring solutions

  • The basis of successful cooperation is active communication. We will be happy to sit down with you at the same table and together we will propose optimal solutions.

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accencis success
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  • Services created exactly according to your needs

    We form the first line of support for achieving goals in the company. As experts in many areas, we are building an expansion of your team and providing you with the space and background to do your best, building your business.

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    Analytics audit

    We will prepare a complete view of the inside of data flows in your company. Find out where your business is lagging behind and move it to the next level.

    • data processing analysis
    • odentification of narrow places
    • state of business infrastructure
    • complete report of results and recommendations
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    Marketing performance

    We will look into the depth of your marketing model, together we will design and set up a data-driven solution that will be interesting for the targeted segment.

    • detailed web analysis
    • audit and setting UI / UX recommendation
    • measurements
    • real-time reports
    • analytical monthly report
    • online support
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    Intelligent Business

    We will look at all data sources in the company, adjust them into a uniform form and set up customized reports. We will implement BI processes that will make your company intelligent and that helps you to make decisions and plans based on relevant facts.

    • setup consultation
    • setup data audit
    • implementation of BI processes
    • process monitoring
    • real-time reports for all divisions
    • training courses
    • analytical consultations
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    • Analytical training

    We will teach you how to use Business intelligence more productively. How to look at achieving goals from a higher perspective through effective roadmaping planning.

    • Software solutions
    • Development
    • Testing
    • E-commerce solutions
    • Web applications
    • Complex planning models
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    • Data-driven training

    We will teach you how to use Business Intelligence more productively and how to look at achieving goals from higher perspective with help of effective roadmapping planning.

    Intelligent business under control

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The right team

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    Data analytics specialist

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    Technology evangelist

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    Digital analytics specialist

Our goal is to help our clients connect the world of data with the world of creativity so that we can create amazing innovations.

We are blogging...

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  • Read more about Business Intelligence on our blog


Ready for a better and more productive business

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      Personal consultation

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      Non-binding face-to-face meeting to discuss entry requirements and get to know your business.

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      Solution design

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      A case study of your situation with a comprehensive solution proposal.

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      Implementation of the solution in practice with emphasis on individual requirements.

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      Team training

      We will show you and your employees all the improvements, and make the use of solutions more efficient.

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      Personal consultation

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  • Let's talk about your business

    • Getting started is so easy...


    We will arrange a meeting today at which we will discuss the potential of your business together.
    Coffee is on us!

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